Battle for the Smallest Website in the World

Posted by Ian on Oct 14, 2007 in blog | No Comments

Often in development you hear the call to “think big!”, but there is a small group of web designers that have challenged themselves and eachother to think small.

GUIMP (pictured on the left) was released as the smallest website in the world, sporting 18×18 pixel versions of some old favourite arcade games (pacman, break out, football…). The games are fun – though you do pay with a bit of eye-strain after a few minutes of trying to avoid 1 pixel ghosts.

Hilariously, someone decided to take the designer of GUIMP on. And Dot 16 was released (pictured on the right) – a 16×16 pixel competitor. Though it does succeed in undercutting GUIMP and does take the crown for smallest website. It does pay in ease of use and playability. Now it may seem a little ridiculous to be quibbling over an extra 2pixels on each side of the square, but you’d be amazed at how much easier it makes navigability and gameplay.

But to both developpers I take off my hat for highlighting an interesting issue – what is the limit of human visual perception in GUI environments. Will we always be imprisoned by the pixel?

By the by, if you do need to play a game and have the boss not notice over your shoulder, these surely are the way to go.

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