Beware the blogbot: The algorhythms of Alex Dragulescu

Posted by Ian on Mar 15, 2008 in blog | No Comments

Continuing the visual compliment to your aural pleasure, this weekend we’re taking a look at Alex Dragulescu. Who said that Romania has only produced traditional visual artists? This gifted blurrer of the byte puts the ‘dig it!’ in digital art. His portfolio of projects are sheerly staggering for their breadth of subject as well as depth, sophistication and intensity. A particular favourite of mine is the Blogbot project. The in-development software agent trolls through the web using user-defined themes, mercilessly selecting text at random and pitting the fragments against one another in the generation of capricious and infinitely unique graphic novels. The current manifestation of the Blogbot graphic novel takes the form of ‘What I did last summer’. Pitting texts from the Baghdad blogger versus a blog by Colby Buzzell, a deployed US soldier in Iraq (‘My War: Killing Time in Iraq’). You can select either to read/play with the Blue or Red team and launch yourself into the fray, watching the graphic violence represented through disarmingly familiar units from the game-world of Civilization 3.
Other highlights for Dagulescu are his Malewarez project and his Extrusions in C major which resonate more comfortably with your weekly audio blogtent…
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