Bonjour Paris….

Posted by Ian on Sep 29, 2007 in blog | No Comments

Art is fun. Subversive art can be especially fun. But there’s something particularly beautiful about subversive art interventions that make you laugh. A wonderful example is the recent series of interventions which occured in Paris under the banner title of ‘L’heure H’. Thought to have been perpetrated by the theatre group Havas, the interventions occur on a count down from the 177th hour over a series of days. Spontaneous ping-pong battles, fine dining dans la rue and train station security games in Gare d’Austerlitz are only a few of the crimes of this unknown group of performers.

The interventions begin at:

H – 9 is particularly fun!

Enjoy, be inspired, get off the computer, go outside and play some games….

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