Ecologies of creativity: The Hub and collaborative workspaces

Posted by Ian on Mar 15, 2009 in blog | No Comments

As a young social entrepreneur, one of the greatest difficulties has always been how long can you handle working alone from home. Since business and social development is all about who you know and the social energy you can create, setting up new businesses and initiatives can be particularly difficult when we are living increasingly fragmented and mobile urban lives.
In responding to the dispersal of creativity and boom of the ‘home office’, a counter movement of neo-centralisation of young entrepreneurs and social activists has developed. Collaborative work environments such as the The Hub are springing up in cities around the globe. With memberships available on a number of levels giving varying degrees of support and access, young creatives, entrepreneurs and activists are able to tailor their own working schedule and working environment and, most importantly, meet other similarly minded and motivated people.
The recently opened Hub in King Cross in London is a testament to the power of bringing people together and the importance of face to face conversation to get ideas off the ground. Much more than just an office, it is an events venue and social space.
Also worthy of note is The Melting Pot – a similar project in Edinburgh.
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