Ecologies of policy and citizenship

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We are pretty much in agreement now. The agency of human beings is affecting the rate of climate change throughout the globe. That nearly all human beings acknowledge this is something of a minor paradigm shift from previous schools of thought. Armed with this awareness, we are now faced with the greater challenge of what can we do and how do we go about doing it?
Role modeling is critical in affecting behavioural changes, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that singular actions are not going to have enough impact quickly enough to avert catastrophe.  We can not hope to persuade people to willingly alter their lifestyles through role modeling. We need to address the fundamental architectures of our societies.

As Al Gore points out in his revision of his famed ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ talks which was given at TED this past March, what is needed is policy change which can only be enacted by through civic action. If you’re uncomfortable with hearing such statements from a lapsed politician, you can consult the encyclopedic discussion of Greg Craven – as US high school teacher who as his civic action has posted an extensive set of YouTube videos discussing the situation and the options at hand.
Craven notably calls for the development of a Manpollo project to address climate change. That is to say that he feels that the US was able to mobilise amazing resources to develop nuclear weaponry in in the Manhattan project and to send man to the moon in the Apollo project and so the most omnipresent challenge of our time, climate change, deserves at least that level of engagement from a governmental level.
Amazingly, during a debate between Sen. Hilary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama on ABC on 16 April 2008, in the last 10 minutes, Obama calls for the creation of ‘an Apollo project – a Manhattan project’ to address climate change. This evidently shows the impact that viral information campaigns can have in affecting government policy. [You can see Obama’s statement in this clip. It is said at approximately 8min 20sec into the clip]. 
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