Exploding from south-west England…

Posted by Ian on May 17, 2008 in blog | No Comments

Coming to you live from Butlin’s Holiday Camp in Minehead, England… Day one of All Tomorrows Parties has been quite a striking experience. Curated by Explosions in the Sky, the day has featured aural gifts from Phosphorescent to Four Tet. A strong opening was offered from the wall of sound of the rising sun by Mono. And a definite must see for any Austin, Texas locals is The Octopus Project whose brash enthusiasm for the clash between organic guitars and synth tapestries just won’t leave your hips alone. Of course the the tour de force of today (if not of the whole festival) was Explosions in the Sky whose guitars, in keeping with their name, shattered the blissful, serene, romantic horizon of the English countryside, confirming that when it comes to cutting edge indie music you should definitely not mess with Texas. Tune in tomorrow for more updates from one of the most unique (and comfortable) music festivals around.
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