Fleeting encounters: The sculptures of Duthain Dealbh

Posted by Ian on Apr 13, 2008 in blog | No Comments

For the last 10 years, Daniel Doyle, Niall Magee and Alan Magee have been producing some very lasting images in some very temporary sculpture. Known as Duthain Dealbh (Irish for ‘fleeting sculpture’), they have installed work all over Europe and participated in sculpture festivals world wide. Specialising in sand, snow, ice and fire sculpture, the Irish trio have wowed those fortunate few who have happened upon their fleeting temporary works. There is a beauty in the amount of work and care that they invest in their sculptures which inevitably erode, melt and slip away from us. If you have a spare moment, take a tour through their online project gallery. It might just give you a little inspiration for what you could achieve on your summer holidays at the beach.

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