Giant Tetris: Gaffa Gallery turns Sydney laneway into a game grid

Posted by Ian on Mar 25, 2009 in blog | No Comments

In the recently past Art and About Festival in Sydney, Gaffa Gallery turned Abercrombie Lane into his own personal game grid as part of Live Lanes – By George!. The work One More Go One More Go is a playful externalisation of modern panic, obsession and addiction to the popular Russian game space. It also begs the more pertinent social question ‘who is playing with our city? Who is pushing the buttons and organising the blocks?’
Notably this is not the only urban public art relating to Tetris. In Toulouse, the Trois Cucos station has been given a Tetris makeover.
And if that wasn’t enough Tetris for you, you can now buy Tetris ice trays to invade your cocktails and soft drinks!
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