Half man, half machine, all soldier: The future of combat exoskeletons

Posted by Ian on Sep 29, 2010 in blog | No Comments

It is almost cliche to talk about how the future is actually happening today. The accessibility of information from sources like TED and Pop Tech! about the cutting edge of technological innovation and the real world impact these shifts are going to have has given us the chance to not merely imagine the future but to see how our industrial complexes are preformating and predetermining it for us. Though occasionally a news story appears that shocks and awes such as this worrisome promotional news video for the Raytheon Sarcos XOS 2 robotic suit for US combat troops.

The cultural impact of the deployment of such suits in conflict scenarios where the US army is primarily engaged with non-robotics enabled combatants is indeed profound. While one can understand the importance of ensuring the safety of combat personnel, the widening of the human-technology gap in complex socio-cultural conflict scenarios is something that P.W. Singer has warned us of many times over. See:
Robots and the future of war: P.W. Singer

And an interesting article here about cyber warfare:

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