Human Upgrades: The possibility is our obligation

Posted by Ian on Dec 4, 2007 in blog | No Comments

Trans-humanists, your prayers are finally answered. Whether you want an aerial installed in your head to coordinate with your blue-tooth technology or to adapt your womanhood to the new SimpleCunt design, Human Upgrades is here to offer you the boldest and brightest doctors to help you achieve all your lustful ambitions for body enhancement and augmentation.

Imagine a world where, with the new PalmClit, the morning handshake with your boss could be the best way to get the day going…

Of course this could all just be an elaborate hoax perpetrated by some artists with way too much time on their hands, or an extensive corporate PR stunt by Bosch (note the addresses of all of their locations in Europe on the locations link). Either way, this digi-cult stunt does perhaps give voice to some of the emerging possibilities of trans-human culture in the age of humedia and prosthetics.

At a minimum, the graphic design and flash animation is quite impressive – not to mention the painstaking digital manipulation of images and the professional quality modelling work and portrait photography which were needed to make the site. Someone out there is taking these ideas pretty seriously. What are your thoughts…

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