I Lego NY: The artwork of Christoph Niemann

Posted by Ian on Mar 21, 2009 in blog | No Comments

Christoph Niemann is a multi-award winning illustrator and artist. Best known for his illustration work on major publications such as The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly or the New York Times, he also is an author of some wonderful children’s books such as ‘The Pet Dragon’. Niemann recently posted an amusing photoblog of legos representing iconic aspects of New York’s material culture. The images are both amusing and also tremendously interesting from the perspective of material cultural studies. The use of popular, ubiquitous children’s toys to depict idiosyncratic images/things from life in New York is an intriguing conflation of two global narratives. Is it New York that is making Lego global or is Lego creating a global familiarity for discrete moments in the life of New Yorkers?
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