L’art du deplacement: Dvinsk Clan

Posted by Ian on Jul 31, 2008 in blog | No Comments
I want to pay tribute to an inspirational group of parkourists – the Dvinsk Clan, whose flagship video ‘Le Parkour’ ranks as one of my favourite examples of the craft. Producing videos for the last few years, the Dvinsk Clan are based in Daugavpil, Latvia. Parkour was the brain child of David Belle – who crafted the skill out of a militant exploration of Hebertism (Georges Hebert’s parcours du combattant) and rigorous engagement with the possibilities of the spaces we take for granted (or have long forgotten). Dvinsk Clan’s relentless dedication to finding their way through post-industrial collapse Daugavpil breaths life into cracks and crevices of Eastern Europe. One could write more, but perhaps it’s best to let their moves speak for themselves…

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