Mapping the Buzz of NY and LA

Posted by Ian on May 22, 2009 in blog | No Comments

In the recent report ‘The Geography of Buzz‘, Elizabeth Currid of USC, LA and Sarah Williams of Columbia University have presented a new way of exploring the concentration and impact of the socialisation patterns of the arts communities of NY and LA. The project asserts the importance of the creative class to civic development, social cohesion and economic development. Mapping the location of thousands of photographs from the Getty archives from parties and events over one year (from March 2006-Feburary 2007) associated with key cultural sectors in the two cities, Currid and Williams developed a series of density maps based on arts medium, providing a striking illustration of the epicentres of elusive scenes.
Read the full report of ‘The Geography of Buzz‘ here.
Here is a good article from the NY Times on the project.

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