Medium Religion @ ZKM: Exhibition Notice

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Peter Bogers, The Secret of the Most High, 2003

ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany – until 19 April 2009

Currently running at the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie, the exhibition ‘Medium Religion‘ takes an in depth and unwavering look at the recent movement of religion from private life into public media. Bringing together contemporary artists and documentary resources, the exhibition activates the shared and increasingly blurred spaces of religion as media and media as religion.

From the exhibition text:

‘The exhibition “Medium Religion” aims at demonstrating this medial aspect of religion using current examples of religious video propaganda and the work of contemporary artists. The horizons of religion have expanded enormously through the development of electronic media. The uncomplicated recording of the message (e.g., the video message), the rapid distribution, and huge, nearly global scope (e.g., television, Internet), offered a technological base for religions’ reentry into public awareness. Since the mass media constitute public awareness and religion makes use of mass media (e.g., the broadcast of the Papal mass from Rome), it is only logical that it, too, will shift more into public awareness. The result is the reevaluation of minority faiths and their messages.’

An interesting component of the exhibition is its’ critical analysis of the production methods of religious propaganda videos such as suicide bombers’ confession videos. Exploring the use of light, framing and other techniques, the exhibition begins to create an aesthetic appreciation of the ‘genre’ of religious propaganda.

For more information, visit the ZKM’s website.

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