Moving movements: The kinetic artwork of Theo Jansen

Posted by Ian on Mar 30, 2008 in blog | No Comments

There is a lot of art out there that can move you, but how much of it really moves? The work of Theo Jansen. This artist-come-engineer has been producing work for the last 17 years which captures imaginations. 

Showing the possibilities for humans to live and create technology which harmonises with the natural rhythms of the world, Jansen’s wind-powered moving sculptures are a testament to a true ecological sensibility in human endeavours. His professed ambition is to populate beaches around the globe with his sculptural beasts, so that they may have lives of their own and move freely. If you have a spare minute in the rush of your day and want to be inspired to feel something of the beauty of our shared environment, just press play… and if you want to spend more time getting inspired, explore Jansen’s website. I find the cardboard rhinoceros particularly amazing.
For a longer talk by Jansen at Ted, see:

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