Obmatisation and Obama-bling: When designers go political…

Posted by Ian on Oct 6, 2008 in blog | No Comments
Barack Obama’s political campaign is renowned for its revolutionary adoption of design as a core component of the campaign’s strategy. The most amusing acknowledgement of this was the NY Times Technology section who published the whimsical, yet insightful, article ‘Is Obama a Mac and Clinton a PC?‘. Obama’s love of intuitive political design is encouraging designers from all over to lend their skills to aid the fight. The most famous example is Shepard Fairey‘s grassroots (although somewhat propaganda-esque) campaign posters (seen below). The attraction of the design-lead politics of Obama has inspired all manner of designers to lend a hand to the cause. Trollback & Comapny‘s line of Obama button-badges (seen above) are probably some of the more desirable political memorabilia to emerge over the last few months. Unfortunately, you probably have to be best friends with the firm to get your hands on any of the badge sets.
But now, what you’ve all been waiting for… You can now personalise OBama’s design campaign by Obamatising your profile pics throughout the web. A successful example of viral marketing strategy through design, LogObama brings the political intentions and design concepts of the Obama camp together in one tight package. Happy campaigning digi-citizens.
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