Photosynth: Your own personal interactive David Hockney

Posted by Ian on Feb 7, 2009 in blog | No Comments

Photosynth is a recently developed software package which allows you to upload and knit together a number of images of the same location into a navigable cyberspace. This video depicts the application of the software to the site of Stonehenge by National Geographic. The tool certainly has interesting applications for the documentation of sites and landscapes, and I expect it will be particularly useful to archaeologists and heritage professionals in creating digitally accessible representations of cultural heritage sites.

An attractive aspect of this way of representing places is that if the images used were to come from public deposits, then this would introduce an egalitarian/democratic element to the visualization of any place. Additionally, if the images used were to span long periods of times, there would be interesting temporal collapses made evident in through the mediation of the site.
Watching the animation of the navigation of the images reminds me a lot of the work of David Hockney and his photo-montages. Perhaps this could be another art-inspires-technology moment?

Merced River, Yosemite Valley 1982, photographic collage, edition: 20, 52×61 in.

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