Pop-Up Landscapes: Mediating landscape intra-action

Posted by Ian on Apr 21, 2009 in blog

How do landscapes change? How are we involved in their becoming? If they are just abstract concepts or human projections onto the world, how can we better mediate those projections to negotiate our ecological interactions?
These are some of the questions that the Pop-Up Landscapes project is raising through its year long series of workshops, installations and happenings. Headed by Teresa Dillon, Tuomo Tammenpää and lok Arquitectura, the project seeks to explore the becoming of different landscape forms in urban, rural and natural environments in Spain, Portugal and Finland. The project will realise an interactive media-installation or playspace where people can dynamically alter and ship digital triptychs through their physical presence.

The year long series of workshops and installations have already begun with the construction of prototypes in Barcelona at Hangar. For more information on the becoming of the project, you can follow it here.
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