Present absences: Lost – The Art of Asbestos

Posted by Ian on Nov 25, 2008 in blog | No Comments

How many things go unnoticed in our day to day lives? How many things get taken for granted? The Art of Asbestos‘ mutli-series project over the last few years in Dublin has been urging the human traffic of footpaths around the city to think about just such things.

The 63 interventions in the 7 series of ‘Lost‘ take as subjects the things in our daily lives that we don’t really think about that often, but ironically, when they go missing they can become a central story in the telling of a day’s or life’s adventures. In the spirit of Heidegger‘s object-oriented philosophy in ‘Das Ding‘, the ‘Lost‘ series highlights our ontological relationships to things that we rarely acknowledge until they become absent or broken.
Beyond its charming and insightful qualities, the ‘Lost‘ project also illustrates the effectiveness of viral design in guerilla art interventions in the generation of lateral relationships and social reflection. Mobilising the passing moments waiting for buses or walking a long a footpath, the ‘Lost’ project offers an amusing and gentle provocation to think more broadly and laterally about how we engage in our world.

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