Revisioning Heritage: The Prague Astronomical Clock by The Macula

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We’ve been enjoying the spectacle of video-mapping for the last few years, with companies such as Nuformer have wowing us with stunning projections giving new life to old facades. On 9 October 2010, the past took a big step into the future (or perhaps just the present). Prague-based, The Macula performed an epic video-mapping spectacular as part of the 600th anniversary of Prague’s Astronomical Clock, the Orloj (see below). Effecting a 10 minute tour through 600 years of Prague’s history, the performance is a dramatic demonstration of the possibility for new forms of media to enliven and activate the sometimes dormant narratives embedded in the architectures around us.

History timecode for the video:
05:04 The Symbol of Bohemia and the Czech lands – The two tailed Lion bearing the crown of Charles IV as the Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor, uplifting Prague to be the jewel that it is today.

06:40 After much turmoil, the old town was the place where 27 Czech protestant leaders were executed in 1621 by the Catholic Ferdinand II.

07:23 The 12 apostles that come out every hour, 24/7 in all seasons.

08:15 Serious damage in 1945 from Prague Uprising by Germans.

Equipment: Two Christie 18K HD projectors – 5000×1200 resolution

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