Super Swiss Socks from Groovy Grannies

Posted by Ian on Oct 20, 2007 in blog | No Comments

Sometimes the internet can be a lonely place – with no families and only pixels and code as a way to reach friends. But a innovative project by offers you the chance to get a little bit of grandparental comfort for your long days tripping on the wires. Net Granny gives you the chance to select a Swiss granny to be your own who will dutifully knit you your very own pair of cozy socks (click on the sockenshop). The catalogue of grannies is remarkable, and it leads one to wonder whether a octogenarian net revolution is at hand. Even if you aren’t in the market for some socks, it’s heartening to see the internet used to enrich and celebrate the skills and lives of our seniors – rather than simply a school yard playground for impetuous and precocious culturges.

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