Sustainable wrapping: A post-holiday debrief

Posted by Ian on Jan 5, 2009 in blog | One Comment

During my self-imposed media blackout over the holidays, I undertook a few eco-projects. One was to do as much shopping in local businesses and trying to buy locally produced products. This led me to spend a lot of time in Carytown in Richmond, VA – a must see for anyone who might be dropping by the capital of the Old South.
The other was to do away with the waste of wrapping paper. Inspired by a close friend, I picked up the ends of remaindered bolts of holiday fabrics, some nice strong ribbon from our local crafts store and some wooden letters for everyone in the family. The result was rather pretty wrapping for my gifts that I can use for years to come. Not only was it nice to not be wasting paper, but it was an added bonus to have a signature gift wrapping with personalised gift tags. Definitely a step up from wrapping presents in newspaper or aluminum foil so that it can be recycled.
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1 Comment

  1. Colleen
    6 January 2009

    I have a giant box of maps that I’ve accumulated over the years (National Geographic, too many road trips) that I use for wrapping paper. I try to choose relevant places and it always sparks a conversation over the present.

    A media black-out is a good idea. I did the same a while ago and came back refreshed. Glad to see you blogging again though.


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