Synaesthesia, sound and light: Advanced Beauty

Posted by Ian on Aug 17, 2008 in blog | No Comments

What do you get when you put musicians, programmers, artists, animators and architects together in the same room? Answer – some absolutely amazing sound visualizations! Advanced Beauty is an ongoing collaborative project curated by Universal Everything and Freefarm. Calling on collaborators in New York, London, Russia, Buenos Aires, Japan, Glasgow and San Francisco, the project’s first delivery is a stunning collection of mind blowing synaesthetic sound/sight scapes. The image above is from the most recent delivery (11 August 2008) by artist Robert Hodgin. Visit Advanced Beauty’s blog and you can get a peak at his and others visualizations. Don’t worry about popping popcorn for this show though – you’ll be full enough from the visual barrage. And we recommended donning headphones for full immersion.
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