Synchronised debating: The farce of free debate

Posted by Ian on Oct 30, 2008 in blog | One Comment
Politics is performance, and it would follow that, in some ways, politicians are actors who learn lines, rehearse and try to give tightly orchestrated performances. This US presidential campaign season has seen some of the most sophisticated use of media tactics employed in recent memory, and with the increasing access to media and ability to document and remediate political appearances, the evidential choreography, scripting and rehearsal of politics has never been more obvious. 
An absolutely genius piece of video-editorial work was recently posted on 23/6, the popular US comedy news website. Seen above, it shows the US presidential debates to be somewhat more akin to olympic synchronised swimming than to open and free debate and expression.

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1 Comment

  1. harper
    31 October 2008

    Hey Ian,

    Didn’t know if you had seen this yet, but thought you might find it interesting:


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