The shock heard ’round Minehead…

Posted by Ian on May 18, 2008 in blog | No Comments

Day two at All Tomorrows Parties at Minehead, England… There aren’t many days in your life when you can say, I woke up, had breakfast and then Saul Williams climbed down from the stage to dance with me in the thick of the crowd. But that was the start of day two of my residency at Explosions in the Sky‘s ATP. The unquestionable taker of the day though was the tour de force of the math-rock sounds of Battles. It can take a lot to get a room of English Muzo’s to forget their self-awareness and fashionable posturings and just throw their hips around the room. But the beats and algorithmic rockings of Battles got these heavy-rimmed glass wearers going in style. Other highlights were the tremendous poise and focus of the sound-wall of Eluvium, complemented well by the live string bowings of Stars of the Lid. Also of note were the non-electronically tainted sounds of A Hawk and a Handsaw, Adem, Iron and Wine and Okkervill River.
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