Turn any politician green: Guerrilla Gardening to recycle election posters

Posted by Ian on Jun 6, 2009 in blog | No Comments

It’s the time of year again when our streets are plastered with faces of the ambitious will-to-power types vying for a spot in national and European politics. Of course, it’s important that people know how their representatives are and are able to recognise them, but there is an uncomfortable ecological feeling seeing all the paper and card and board being lashed to poles around our cities only to be later binned – all for the sake of head shots and party titles.

Putting aside the politics, a team of eco-warriors have proposed a new use for the throngs of political posters that adorn almost every corner of Dublin. Inspired by Guerrilla Gardening, the team from Unitedminds.ie have been converting political posters into ready-made window boxes for gardens. Putting the residue of excessive politics to good use, Mick Veale, one of the agent provocateurs behind the campaign, has put together a tutorial for how you can go out and turn any politician you want green…

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