Wireside chats: Obama’s Weekly Youtube Addresses

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The Obama presidency has marked a number of historic precedents, and this past Saturday morning was not without its own historic moment. On 24 January 2009, Obama released his first ‘wireside chat‘ as president – using the popular video-sharing platform Youtube (currently owned by Google).

Following in the footsteps of FDR’s ‘fireside chats’ during the Great Depression and World War II, Obama’s plan to release weekly ‘wireside chats’ every Saturday morning throughout his presidency may signal another ‘new deal‘ for the citizens of the USA for transparency and communication with the executive branch of the government.

Obama had previously begun this tradition of weekly addresses on 15 November 2008 when he assumed the office of President-Elect, and continuation of this commitment through the addition of embedded weekly videocasts of his addresses on Whitehouse.gov is a welcome change from the prosaic design of the previous administrations website.

Funnily, the famed ability for the Obama campaign to utilise cutting edge I.T. and design was challenged when they took up professional residence in the White House. Having become used to state-of-the-art Apple-Macintosh computers and operating systems, they were confronted in theire new offices on Pennsylvania Avenue by Window’s PCs, Windows 2003 operating systems and little to no laptops. This will certainly be a test for the new intuitive 2.0 Obama presidency.

Obama’s ‘wireside chats’ to date:

15 November 2008
22 November 2008
29 November 2008
6 December 2008
13 December 2008
20 December 2008
24 December 2008
3 January 2009
10 January 2009
17 January 2009
24 January 2009

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