Exhibition Announcement: The Umbrella Festival, Hong Kong

Posted by Ian on May 2, 2015 in news

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For the next few weeks, I will be working with Oscar Ho and a team of faculty and students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong on a special exhibition at the Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre in Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong. The Umbrella Festival is a celebration of the stories, sentiments, and artistic creativity that blossomed out of the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. Featuring work by local artists, press photographers, and the local community, the exhibits will open on May 17, 2015.

About the Umbrella Movement

The Umbrella Movement is a pro-democracy political movement that grew out of the Hong Kong protests of 2014. The Umbrella Festival is a collaborative series of events, performances, exhibitions, and installations that review and revive the issues, events, emotions, and ideas that were expressed and manifested in the streets of Hong Kong seven months ago.

“As the Umbrella Movement enters its second phase in its pursuit for ‘Real Election’, the Festival brings together the memories and creative expressions collected and evolved from the first phase of Movement, to reflect upon its achievement, and show an unstoppable spirit that is still moving on. It signifies a move beyond the ‘Occupied Zones’ to every corner of Hong Kong, to inform the indifferent, convince the unconvinced, to build solidarity with those who are sympathetic.”
–Oscar Ho

“The Umbrella Festival and its varied exhibitions and performances hopes to capture a new attitude towards art and social media in Hong Kong that is closely intertwined with a youthful democracy movement, acts of civil disobedience and an iconography of resistance. The city-wide occupation created liminal spaces in which people transgressed into novel sensibilities to reflect on dark political crisis and aspirations towards change. The challenge of this festival will be to present and radiate these sensibilities beyond the occupied streets of Hong Kong in Fall 2014. It is not about art as documentation of past events, nor about a collection of honorable objects, but about a way of life and critical intelligence that needs art to seduce its audiences. I hope that you will encounter the good atmosphere and sexy people that you may have met during the Umbrella movement–a peculiar kind of multi-citizen dialogue and friendliness, humor and embrace of profanity, frank commentary on political clampdown, a stirring of umbrella feminism and queerness, and finally, a chance to rebuild the university itself in different kinds of locations.”
–Katrien Jacobs

◉ 遍地開花 / Blossoms Everywhere
Artists: Otti Li, Comic Daemons 漫畫刁民, & HK Press Photographers Association

◉ Independent Films Film Screening – Oscar Ho | Edith Chiu
◉ 我們的“黃金時代” / Our ‘Golden Era’

◉ 雨傘下的身體步道 / Re-trailing the Landscapes of the Body behind Umbrella Movement
◉ 我是一隻狗
◉ CHAPTER:9.28
◉ 《一個普通女子的離奇移民事件》

◉ 外勢力 / Foreign Forces
◉ 雨傘是怎樣摺成? / How to fold a paper umbrella?
◉ 雨傘運動紀錄論壇 – 敍事、記憶與紀錄 | Forum on Documenting Umbrella Movement – Narratives, Memories and Records
◉ Wandering Scholars Take a Festival Walk