Reflexive Representations


with Andrew Cochrane

This series of digital art works seeks to contest traditional mechanisms for representation and spectatorship by questioning the status that visual images occupy in archaeological discourse. Photomosaics of iconic archaeologists and archaeological objects were constructed through the manufacture of archives and archaeological records of public images available over internet search engines, rendering a digital ‘excavation’ of what is traditionally an unarchived public space. Inspired by Joan Fontcuberta’s series of Googlegrams (2005), these works call into question the ways in which archaeologists position themselves and their work within broader society. By conflating archaeological figures with a collage of public images, the images reveal the manufacture of representations of archaeological identities and of the artefacts and monuments with which they work. In addition, through the use of the world wide web and freeware, they also challenge the role that digital media are playing in the fabrication of collective archaeological visual memory, interpretation, and mediated information.

Previous exhibitions:
19-24 September 2006
Cracow, Poland
Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego
European Association of Archaeologists

10 - 12 November 2006
Bristol University
Contemporary and Historical Archaeology in Theory

15 - 17 December 2006
University of Exeter
Theoretical Archaeology Group

Permanent Exhibitions:
Brown University
Trinity College Dublin
Ironbridge Gorge Museum
Sculpture in the Parklands

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