Fiona Halinan | Roadscore | Invisible String

Fiona Hallinan Residency, 2010, Brown University

Invisible String is the first iteration of Roadscore, a new series of works by artist Fiona Hallinan exploring mobility, memory and materiality. It takes the form of a site-responsive installation of materials and sounds relating to the demise and demolition of the original stretch of highway I-195 in downtown Providence, RI. Throughout a residency at the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Fiona collaborated with Ian Russell and the students of his ‘Designing Heritages’ course to explore methods of chorography, deep mapping and contemporary antiquarianism, creating drawings, photographs, narratives and audio recordings relating the life of old I-195. Exploring new media applications of traditional Irish storytelling (seanchaí), Fiona’s work activates relations between the artist’s studio, memory, stories and material traces and absences of the monumenal architecture of the American highway.

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