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Examples of projects by students arising from course work

In my teaching, I work to establish pedagogical environments that foster inspiration, creativity, critical thinking and ambition. My intention is that students will feel confident to explore their own interests and thoughts while being challenged to develop critically engaged independent projects. In design and arts education, I encourage students to develop deeper theoretical understandings of the context of their work, and in academic education, I encourage students to develop and use innovative, practical skills in visualization, mediation, design and communication. As both a scholar and a practitioner, I seek to role model a professional balance between critical theory and practical application in academic study and design, always engaging with new and emerging technologies and media in my work and teaching.

Designing Heritage (2014)

An Innocent City: Modest Musings on Everyday Istanbul
Group project
Exhibition Information

Via Fish
by Jenna Shaw

Cultural Heritage, Curating & Creativity (2012)

This Used to Be Providence
by Ria Fulton

Part 1: The Raven and the Dove
by Anna Ghublikian

Vacant Noise
by Nick Gomez-Hall

by Robert Gordon-Fogelson

Wasteland Twining
by Adj Marshall

Home is where the empty lot is
by Elyse McNiff

by Anna Wada

sticker frame
by the entire class
Read the Stickerframe book.

Things: The material worlds of humanity (2011)

Exquisite Things from the Haffenreffer
by the entire class
Play here.

Heritage & New Media Summer Residency (2010)

West Offaly Heritage | New Media
by students in the Public Humanities M.A. program, Brown University

Designing Heritages (2010)

Farmer Voices
by Erin Boyle

Spring of ’17
by Micah Salkind