Betsey Biggs | The Providence Postcard Project

Artist: Betsey Biggs
Providence, Rhode Island
17 January - 24 February 2012

The Providence Postcard Project explores the familiar souvenir medium of postcards as a source of reflection by the residents of Providence on what meanings the city holds. The project distributed pre-addressed, postage-paid postcards featuring photographs taken by the artist during her visits to the neighborhoods of Providence. Biggs has designed the project to explore the many layers of both memories and imaginative associations that particular places in Providence hold for its residents. By using a combination of person-to-person engagement and postal circulation, the project spotlights the ideas of exchange and correspondence and their roles in the production of historical narratives. In the artist’s own words, “Cultural heritage is a palimpsest of recollections, associations, and stories; I have a particular interest in canonizing the personal, ephemeral, inconsequential stories that are often left out of heritage practices, and hope to create something beautiful out of these evanescent materials.”

Serena Elston

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