‘Do This Instead: Curating as practice’
Chinese University of Hong Kong | May

‘On Fatigue and Recovery’ – Public Lecture
Chinese University of Hong Kong | May


‘Strangelove Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love art’
Chinese University of Hong Kong | Nov


Keynote on Contemporary Art and Community Practice
Chinese University of Hong Kong | Mar

Viewpoints Lecture Series
University of Texas, Austin | Feb–Apr


‘What do curators know?’ – Panel Discussant
Brown University, Public Humanities Center | 7 Dec

‘Sustainability Models for Urban Artist Housing’
Ormston House, Limerick | 4 Sept


‘The Art of the Past: Before and after Archaeology’ — Keynote Lecture
University of Fine Arts, Helsinki, Exhibition Laboratory | 14 Dec

’50 Years of RISD Glass’ — Moderator
RISD Museum, Metcalf Auditorium | 8 Oct

‘Curating Objects and Narratives’ — Panel Discussant
A Better World by Design ’16 | 23 Sept

‘Political Ecology and Socially Engaged Practice’
Rhode Island School of Design, Glass Department | 24 Feb


‘Political Ecology and Socially Engaged Practice’
Fire Station Artists Studios, Dublin | 11 Nov

‘New Thoughts on Community Arts’
Chinese University of Hong Kong | 30 Apr


‘Curating Tomorrow’ — Panel Discussant
Contemporary Istanbul | 13 Nov

‘Approaches to studio visits’
Brown University, Department of Visual Arts | 6 Oct

‘Back to the front: Political ecology & socially engaged art’
Artpace, San Antonio, Texas | 21 July

‘The Educational Turn: A tentative history and taxonomy of artist-founded educational projects’
Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Italy | UNIDEE, Socially Engaged Art Practices and Education | 12 July

‘An Innocent City: A Modest Archive of Everyday Istanbul’
New York University | Radical Archives Conference | 12 April


‘Designing Heritages: Ecologies of creativity and preservation | 设计遗产: 创意与保护的生态学’
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts | 18 Dec
Chinese University of Hong Kong | 20 Dec

‘Contemporary Art and the Inter-Asian Imaginary’ – Panel Discussant
Inter-Asian Connections IV  | 2-5 Oct
co-sponsored by the Social Science Research Council, Yale University, the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS) at the University of Hong Kong, Göttingen University and Koç University


‘The Future of Museums and the Public Humanities’
Brown University, John Nicholas Brown Center | 24 Oct

‘Timely transgressions: Contemporary art & contemporary heritage’
Chinese University of Hong Kong | 12 May
University of Shanghai for Science and Technology | 15 May
Fudan University, School of Journalism, Shanghai | 17 May
Koç University, Istanbul | 7 Jan


‘Curating contemporary heritages’
Koç University, Istanbul | 29 Dec

‘Designs for an Archaeology of the Contemporary’
Boston University, Theoretical Archaeology Group | 12 Nov

Laurie Anderson’s ‘Delusion’ – Panel Discussant
Rhode Island School of Design & FirstWorks Festival | 23 Oct

‘Visual communication in the humanities & social sciences’
Harvard University, Department of History | 9 April


‘Contemporary Antiquarianism’
University of Southampton, Visualization in Archaeology | 21 Oct

‘Urban Arts & Activism’
A Better World by Design ’10 | 2 Oct

‘The ethics of oblivion: Archaeology’s hypermodern heritage’
Brown University, Joukowsky Institute | 30 Sept

‘Curating relational heritages: Some lessons from inner-city Dublin’
UMass, Amherst, Center for Heritage and Society | 22 Mar

‘Art to archaeology [ ] Archaeology to art’
Brown University, Joukowsky Institute | 25 Feb

‘Contemporary art and relational heritages’
Brown University, John Nicholas Brown Center | 3 Feb


‘Representing Climate Change: Ecology, media & the arts’
University of Cambridge, CRASSH | 15 Oct

‘Mediating post-Hibernian archaeologies: Material culture and materialism in Ireland’
University of Notre Dame, Keough-Naughton Institute | 1 Feb

‘Deploying an archaeological sensibility’
Stanford University, Archaeology Center | 23 Jan


‘Art and art(e)facts: Mediation, materials and mentalities in Ireland’
University College Dublin, School of Archaeology | 22 Nov

‘Humans, materials & media: The modern invention of material culture’
Columbia University, Department of Anthropology | 1 Nov

‘Archaeology and new media’
Stanford University, Humanities Lab | 23 May


“The Archaeological Imagination: A Discussion of the Role of Archaeology in Social Imagination and Identity Construction”
Associacão Arqueológica do Algarve, Portugal | September

“Art and Artefact: The Crisis of (re) Presenting Ireland”
National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin | March


“Ireland on the Couch: An Applied Psychoanalysis of Ireland’s Symbolic Vernacular”
Virginia Psychoanalytic Society, Richmond, VA | October