Eyjafjallajökull and the subliminal sublime

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Just a few weeks ago, an intrepid photographer embarked on a valiant mission – to counter the overwhelming number of ‘mediocre pictures of that volcano in Iceland that no one can pronounce the name of’. For a media that seems obsessed with stories of immense cataclysm and catastrophe, it does seem surprising that most of […]

CO2 Cubes: Copenhagen 2009

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One of the many exciting projects currently being put together for Copenhagen 2009… Struggling to give physical presence to the environmental carbon emissions, friends at Millenium Art have partnered up with countless supporters to invade the civic spaces of Copenhagen with their CO2 Cubes. Occupying the physical space that 1 tonne of carbon would occupy, […]

Turn any politician green: Guerrilla Gardening to recycle election posters

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It’s the time of year again when our streets are plastered with faces of the ambitious will-to-power types vying for a spot in national and European politics. Of course, it’s important that people know how their representatives are and are able to recognise them, but there is an uncomfortable ecological feeling seeing all the paper […]

Eco-animation: The Seed by Johnny Kelly

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Here’s a wonderful example of corporation demonstrations producing great art and educational tools. Johnny Kelly’s ‘The Seed’ was underwritten by Adobe (and made by Nexus) as a project to illustrate the uses of Adobe CS4. With music by Jape, the video illustrates the ecological relationship between seeds, trees, fruit, humans and animals in the continual […]

Grow your own fresh Air: Kemal Meattle at TED

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With over 60% of the world’s population living in buildings and over 40% of the world’s energy taken up by those buildings, the importance of finding sustainable ways of engaging with prebuilt architectures is paramount. Kemal Meattle is just such a visionary. He has discovered the correct configuration and ratio of three different plants that […]

Cat food ecologies: Sustainable animal feed

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We spend a significant amount of our eco-debating time talking about how the food we as human’s eat can negatively impact the environment. Substantially less time is spent engaging with other modes of consumption that we facilitate. In discussing sustainable seafood, we focus on our direct consumption of fish, often ignoring that over 50% of […]

Pop-Up Landscapes: Mediating landscape intra-action

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How do landscapes change? How are we involved in their becoming? If they are just abstract concepts or human projections onto the world, how can we better mediate those projections to negotiate our ecological interactions? These are some of the questions that the Pop-Up Landscapes project is raising through its year long series of workshops, […]

Industrial landscapes: The photography of Edward Burtynsky

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Oxford Tire Pile No. 7, Westley, California, 1999 Over the last 25 years, Edward Burtynsky has been creating images that humble, inspire, frighten and appal. Traveling the world to capture images of the landscapes of industrial agency, Burtynsky produces images with both are arresting and beautiful for their sheer scale as well as invoications of […]

Selling evolution: Tourism threatens the Galapagos Islands

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With the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of his visit to the Galapagos Islands, there are many people today wishing to follow in his footsteps. But where should the line be drawn with economic exploitation of one of the world’s most unique and fragile ecosystems? In the early 1980s, annual tourist […]

Embedded water: Ecological impact by volume

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Companies have, for years, been effectively shipping water around the world. A new effort to work on the ecological sustainability of product marketing by companies such as Unilever has focused on the issue of embedded water in products. Embedded water is the amount of water that both is in a product or is required to […]