Art and advertising

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Hiroshi Sugimoto‘s photograph as used on U2‘s album ‘No Line on the Horizon’ Art has always had a tight relationship with commerce, economics and the market place in general. Back when the Church controlled the purse strings, artists readily explored themes and stories dictated by the highest ecclesiastical bidder, and art has always been readily […]

Embedded water: Ecological impact by volume

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Companies have, for years, been effectively shipping water around the world. A new effort to work on the ecological sustainability of product marketing by companies such as Unilever has focused on the issue of embedded water in products. Embedded water is the amount of water that both is in a product or is required to […]

Eco-Washing: Heathrow T5 Advert

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Heathrow Terminal 5 has been heralded as the beginning of a new age in easy, smooth transport through one of the world’s busiest and notoriously large airports. Perhaps thats why, in a recent advertisement, they chose to highlight the Terminal as being as fluid as an aquarium. Although this does illustrate the concept that the […]

Thoughtful acts: AIB’s cyclist-centered marketing

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I happened upon a rather heart-warming example of direct marketing today at Trinity College Dublin. Some kind souls had distributed branded bikeseat covers from AIB – placing them on each bikeseat in the college. There’s something comforting in this campaign. Perhaps it’s the feeling that AIB wasn’t just thinking of your money this time but […]

Super Swiss Socks from Groovy Grannies

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Sometimes the internet can be a lonely place – with no families and only pixels and code as a way to reach friends. But a innovative project by offers you the chance to get a little bit of grandparental comfort for your long days tripping on the wires. Net Granny gives you the chance […]