Videos from the Winter 2012 Symposium

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From Urban Cultural Heritage & Creative Practice Article source:

The Sound of Light by Julianne Swartz

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Artist Julianne Swartz recently completed a compelling installation in the Jewish Museum in New York that amounts to nothing short of a tremendously innovative interpretive tool for the museum. Explore her project on her website here:

Exquisite Things: Online Exhibition

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Anyone interested in diving deeper into the Exquisite Things exhibition project we interacted with, you can explore more using the online exhibition site. We’d welcome your thoughts and feedback on the interactive elements, and we’d welcome your participation.

The work of art in the Age of Google

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The Work of Art in the Age of Google Uffizi Museum/Google Art Project On Art Project, you can look closely at the details of works like Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus.” By ROBERTA SMITH Published: February 6, 2011 If art is among your full-blown obsessions or just a budding interest,Google, which has already altered the collective universe […]

Thames Dig

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Here are two interviews relating to Mark Dion’s Thames Dig project in 1999 at the Tate Modern. Notice the different trajectories between the curatorial and artistic perspectives on the project, and in general note what could be seen as a lack of overarching critical engagement with the formal aesthetics and intellectual structures being mobilised as […]

Experiencing museums

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Here are a selection of cinematic representations of museum experiences… Play it again Sam (1972) – Unidentified NY museum (The Met?) National Lampoon’s European Vacation (1985) – The Louvre Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) – The Chicago Art Institute The Thomas Crowne Affair (1999) – Unidentified NY museum (The Met?) Russian Ark (2002) – The […]

The Museum of Westminster

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Free! A unique public event in downtown Providence. On Friday March 5th and Saturday March 6th, two blocks on one of the busiest streets in Rhode Island’s capital will be transformed into a unique pop-up museum about itself. Hundreds of museum labels will be placed on windows, buildings, inside stores, on lampposts, parking meters, even […]

Audiences and activities: Rethinking museum space

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The recession has hit many sectors hard. The effect on arts and culture institutions have been particularly acute. Even before the full impact of the recession, museums and galleries were already under significant difficulties financially. The bail out of LA’s MOCA, the closure of the Rose Museum at Brandeis University, and the liquidation of 18 […]

Anyone for toast?: The ICS Toastermuseum

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Would you believe this is a toaster? And would you believe that it sold for $4,550 on eBay on 4 January 2005? It’s the Thomas A. Edison Edicraft Automatic Toaster – and this is just one of the tasty tidbits of cultish information available at the one and only Toastermuseum. The brainchild of Jens Veerbek, […]