Keynote Speaker in Hong Kong

Posted by Ian on Mar 9, 2018 in news

This March, I will give a keynote lecture, seminar and workshop as part of the 2018 Forum on Community Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


About the Forum:

In the last ten years Hong Kong has witnessed a rapid growth of community arts, when arts as well as social service groups are taking active initiatives in utilizing arts to meet various communal needs. Responding to the urgent needs, many groups jump right into actions and learn the techniques and related knowledge as they move on. Recognizing the needs for support in the elaboration of the practice and understanding of community arts, the MA Programme in Cultural Management and the Centre of Cultural Studies at CUHK have been annually organizing forum in community arts since 2014. In the past, specific topics such as heritage preservation, the silver hair generation, etc., were identified each year, with talks and workshops organized to nurture practical skills, creative planning and to generate discussions within the identified areas.

This year we decided to talk on a slightly different route, focusing on the conceptual and ethical part of community arts. As community arts frequently deals with the marginal and the underprivileged, sensibility and clearly set operational principles are essential. The forum identifies a few ‘keywords’ commonly used in community arts to start a discussion of those frequently used, seemingly simple but in fact highly complex terms, such as community, arts, empowerment and cultural rights. After many years of fieldwork in the community, we have progressed to a point when we need to think about the philosophies and ethics relating to a highly complex form of arts that takes arts out of the market and brings it back to the people.

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