Lecture Tour to Hong Kong and China

Posted by Ian on Dec 4, 2013 in news

Thanks some wonderful colleagues in Hong Kong, I will have traveling to Hong Kong and Guangzhou this December for a small lecture tour and to give a workshop on exhibition curation.

In Hong Kong, I will be speaking at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
In Guangzhou, I will be speaking a the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts.

The title of my lecture will be:

Designing Heritages: Ecologies of creativity and preservation

This lecture takes as its starting assumption that heritages are contemporary experiences that are designed and created today, and whose structure and mediation impact how we live in our shared world. This lecture will explore the intellectual history of heritage theory and how different peoples have made and continue to make heritages. It will provide context to contemporary synergies between art, archaeology and heritage studies.

设计遗产: 创意与保护的生态学