Art/Archaeology | Routledge

Routledge | Archaeological Orientations Series

with Mike Pearson and Michael Shanks

This book seeks to triangulate a conversation between art, archaeology, and curation. These conversations will recalibrate archaeological, artistic, and curatorial sensibilities to the possibilities of post-disciplinary approaches to the conceptualization, production, mediation, and perception of the past. In doing so, it will articulate a call for critical practice within and between these cognate fields, precipitating the turns towards contemporary arts practice within archaeology and heritage and towards archaeological practice within the arts and curation.

This book will be a document of the growing volume of conversations amongst artists, archaeologists, curators, and critical theorists within this trans-disciplinary current. It will create a primer for the field for approaching and critically discussing trends within arts, archaeological, and curatorial practices around shared matters of concern. As many of these debates are only just beginning, the book will provide a road map—both orienting the reader to previous and contemporary work being done and plotting possible ways forward. A collection of papers, interviews, and original works, this volume provides substantive examples of collaborative research, critical analyses, experimental provocations, and propositions for retuning the way we encounter, interpret, and compose the past.

Nigel Rolfe, Lough Boora, Co. Offaly (2010)

Nigel Rolfe during research at Lough Boora Parklands for Dark Pool (2010)