Cultural Heritage & Social Change in Ireland

UCD John Hume Institute for Global Irish Studies International Summer School – 14 – 23 June 2010

This summer school offers participants an opportunity to reflect critically on the management of Ireland's cultural resources and heritages, in particular as a case study for observing the interaction of global, national and local planes of identity, issues now shared by many states and communities. Through focusing on Ireland, the programme will draw out comparative scenarios from around the world, looking for inspiration and lessons that might be applied to the current state of affairs here. Looking forward, the programme will also engage with contemporary creativity in the arts and cultural sectors as way of appreciating the changing qualities of heritage as part of contemporary life. Working collaboratively to draw conclusions will be valuable both for students and speakers, not only in terms of Irish experiences but also the experiences of heritage under conditions of globalization; for Ireland is in many ways a case study in the stresses that arise between tradition and modernity in virtually all states and societies in our global world.

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‘Ninja Turtle Harp’ (1991) by John Kindness