Kagami by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tin Drum

Operations Assistant
Summer 2023

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Premiered at The Shed, New York
June 7 – July 9, 2023

A groundbreaking mixed reality concert event created by legendary composer and artist Ryuichi Sakamoto in collaboration with Tin Drum.

Created by legendary composer, producer, artist, and environmental activist Ryuichi Sakamoto (Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Last Emperor, The Revenant) and Tin Drum, KAGAMI represents a new kind of concert, fusing dimensional moving photography with the real world to create a never-before-experienced mixed reality presentation. Audiences will wear optically transparent devices to view the virtual Sakamoto performing on piano alongside dimensional art aligned with the music.

KAGAMI, which translates to “mirror” in Japanese, features Sakamoto playing 10 original compositions including well-known works “Energy Flow” and “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence,” along with rarely played pieces, such as “The Seed and the Sower.” Presented in surround sound, the experience will be both collective and individual, inviting observers to connect to the work—and each other—throughout. While audiences may view the show in a seated format, they will also be free to wander and explore during the hour-long event.

Kagami is presented by Tin Drum in partnership with The Shed and Manchester International Festival

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