Jin Shan 靳山 | My dad is Li Gang! 我爸是李刚!

A new installation by Jin Shan 靳山
David Winton Bell Gallery
1 September - 4 November 2012

A leading voice in an emerging generation of socially engaged contemporary artists in China, Shanghai-based Jin Shan is an agent provocateur. Preferring wit and satire to aggression and conflict, his work uses humor and play to draw audiences into a confrontation with the social, cultural and political problems of the modern world. In this special project for the Bell Gallery, Jin Shan responds to power dynamics in contemporary China, invoking the Chinese social meme "My dad is Li Gang!" — a short-hand satirical critique of the corrupt financial and political elite of China who believe they can avoid responsibility for harm they have inflicted on others. My dad is Li Gang! is a declaration of Jin Shan's cultural position and social obligation as an artist to engage political issues and make them visible. His most ambitious project to date, My dad is Li Gang! will see Jin Shan realize a single, large-scale installation in the main gallery of the David Winton Bell Gallery. This will be Jin Shan's second solo exhibition in the United States and occurs in conjunction with his first New York gallery solo show at Masters & Pelavin.

Installation Technicians
Cameron Shaw
Ian Budish
Anna Mulligan
Anna Muselmann
Jane Tracy
Brenda Zhang

Malcolm Greer and Associates

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Jin Shan during installation work (August 2012). Photograph by Ian Alden Russell

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Photographs by Shane Photography

Video footage by Ian Alden Russell, Andy Romer Photography, Frank Mullin, and Tara Cavanaugh.