June 9 - July 8, 2012
David Winton Bell Gallery

recent works by Hannah Barrett, Caleb Cole, Jane Maxwell, Randy Regier, Kent Rogowski and TRIIIBE

curated by Ian Alden Russell

Life is a play with many roles. Whether from teddy bears, toys or fashion icons, parents, siblings or complete strangers, we seek out models for how to be human. This exhibition features recent work by New England artists skilled in playful mimicry, inversion and assemblage. Representing photography, collage, sculpture and painting, the works shown here share a sense of "serious play" with the modes, methods, materials and processes of forming, inheriting and expressing personal and social identities. They offer a reminder to children of all ages that identity is not fixed or inherited but made and maintained, and despite the differences and, at times, discord of our many senses of self, we share something in common in the way we enjoy the creative possibilities of becoming human.

Installation Technicians
Cameron Shaw
Ian Budish
Anna Mulligan

Malcolm Greer and Associates

Boston Phoenix review.

Art New England review.

Providence Phoenix standout exhibition.

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