Project video released: Jin Shan 靳山 | My dad is Li Gang! 我爸是李刚!

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Artist Jin Shan discusses the ideas behind his installation “My dad is Li Gang! 我爸是李刚!” (2012) in the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University. Video footage by Ian Alden Russell, Andy Romer Photography, Frank Mullin, and Tara Cavanaugh. More information:我爸是李刚

Jin Shan’s “My dad is Li Gang! 我爸是李刚!” featured in DRA

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Jordan Mainser 2013 Art + Twitter = Chinese Democracy, DRA. Read it here.

Introducing the Art of Jin Shan

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2012 ‘Introducing the Art of Jin Shan‘, catalog essay for the exhibition My dad is Li Gang! 我爸是李刚! by Jin Shan, David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University. Read it here.

The limits of Europe

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2010 in A. Kakulya & Y. Mingard East of a New Eden, Lars Muller Publishers, Baden. Read it here.