Exhibited at the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts

Posted by Ian on Jun 2, 2014 in news

I would like to thank the curators and staff of the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts for included some documentary work of my recent exhibitions in their exhibition Overclocking this month. The works featured included the documentary videos of My dad is Li Gang! 我爸是李刚! (2012) by Jin Shan 靳山 and the premier of The Ashes Series (2013) by Wafaa Bilal, both exhibited at the David Winton Bell Gallery at Brown University.

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Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts (AMNUA)
Adress: Hu Ju Bei Lu 15, Nanjing, China

6-23 May 2014

As part of Sky 天空 organized with the Goethe Institut

Curator: Wang Yamin
Participating artists: Douglas Lewis (Canada), Sheng Jianfeng (China), Li Dandan (China), x1 DP (China), Ash Moniz (Canada), Chen Jie (China), Ian Alden Russell (USA/Turkey), Moveable Accurate (Denmark)

Assuming that video art is an art form which refers to and reflects the object produced by the camera, one cannot help but wonder how this form of art can still exist and thrive when these same references and reflections drift off into the temporary and arbitrary and dissolve within the limitless space of possibilities.

Considering its relatively short history, one might call video art the self-deconstruction of a not yet matured form of art.

The international exhibition of video art and photography “Sky” actually consists of two distinct parts: the German show “Looking at the Big Sky” which is presented by the Goethe-Institut and the exhibition “Overclocking” which is organized by the museum of the Art Academy Nanjing. Both parts of the exhibition will focus on contemporary international experimentation in the field of video art. At the same time, they aim to initiate an interesting and easy dialogue on experimental video art between young artists from Germany, China and other countries.

Moreover, the exhibition with its combination of experiments, theory and practice of video art serves as a prelude to an international project geared towards exploring this multi-faceted art form.

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参展艺术家/小组:道格拉斯·路易斯(加拿大),盛剑锋(中国),李丹丹(中国),x1 DP.(中国),阿什·莫瑞兹(加拿大),陈洁(中国),伊安·艾顿·鲁塞尔(美国/土耳其),移动到位(项目,丹麦)

如果说“影像艺术”到底是一种经过镜像的艺术,它始终指向和反射通过镜头的存在,而当这种指向和反射的内容和方式落入暂时的不着边际,在更多的可能性和空间中发散、传播、消耗和消费开来,它又如何存在着和变异着? 鉴于录像艺术短暂的发展史,可将之称为一种尚未完满之下即已开始的自我解构。